Amtico flooring

Amtico flooring london

Why choose Amtico flooring over other flooring.

Amtico is a hard wearing flooring that will give you the same feeling of wood’s and stone’s

but much more hard wearing then wood and warmer then stones but with the same effect.

You can have Amtico flooring  laid in many different formats, from straight lay to diagonal with borders and inlay strips

Amtico flooring London

20121005_223049This is a small Amtico install in London we did for in a child’s room, warm looking and safe to lay on.


Amtico flooring can be lay over plywood or a latex screed the we put down before hand, we than stick flooring with a flooring adhesive so it wont lift up under any conditions.

Stone Amtico flooring is a good idea for kitchens and bath rooms its more nonslip then stone and not as hard if you was to fall onto floor.


Both wood and stone finishes are available, along with a number of more abstract options. Whether you are looking for a metallic, cross-hatched design or a brighter, golden palette, there’s plenty of choices available which can suit any style of home.
The key to successfully installing vinyl tiles is to ensure that your sub floor is flat and that you repair any uneven surfaces, as any irregularities will show once the flooring is laid. It is important to note that, in some cases, materials may have to acclimatize to your property for up to 48 hours before installation.

Check out out installs on our site of Amtico flooring to see if it meets your needs,

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