Why Safety Flooring

Why Safety Flooring

Why Safety flooring provides outstanding durability and sustained slip resistance, and are the ideal choice for extreme heavy duty areas where extra protection is needed. Their excellent resistance to high traffic areas this makes them a good choice in education, industry and healthcare areas.

They are easy to maintain and clean and provide lasting appearance, welded seams make them water tight and keeps flooring together as one. They are backed also by leading suppliers that have been around for a very long time and know there field in this kind of flooring.

Safety floors are designed for areas where sustainable slip resistance and durability are important. They offer a huge colour choices from strong colours to natural warmth colours, and their non-sparkle finish makes them perfectly suited care homes.

They’re also ideal for public areas like receptions, corridors, shops, cafes, wards and day rooms, where appearances are especially important.

Sub Floors

Depending of what kind of sub floors you have, there are normally to kinds of prep work. Concrete sub floors will get a coat of latex to get floors flat ready for new floors, or wooden sub floors would get a layer of plywood and then a coat of latex over the top to make sure floors are flat ready for new flooring.


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