Carpet Flooring

Carpet comes in many varieties, for both domestic and contract purposes. Carpet has been improved by over 100 years of research and manufacturing and has come a long way from the traditional woven carpet. With all the carpets we lay, we provide a long lasting underlay that is made from recycled foam and rubber properties and ranges from 7-10mm thick.

Looped pile carpet is made by weaving even loops of yarn into both ends of the backing of the carpet. This type of carpet is highly durable and track resistant and has a natural, casual appearance.

Twist carpet is the most popular choice of carpet in the UK. This carpet is made by twisting the yarn tightly together to give a defined textured look.

Here are further types of carpets that we supply and fit:

  • Axminster
  • Sea grass
  • Cut pile
  • Shag pile
  • Stain safe Polypropylene
  • Stick down
  • Barrier
  • Saxonary
  • Needle punch/ Supacord

This gallery shows some of our more recent work and is intended to give just a small flavour of what can be achieved.

Carpet Gallery

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Flooring By Kimpton supplies and lays carpet flooring to the regional locations of London, Bermondsey, Southwark, post codes SE1 & SE16, Kent, Longfield and Newbarn as well as many other locations throughout South East England.