Floor Preparation and Levelling

Before laying your floor, we make sure that your subfloor is not uneven. We cover any type of subfloor preparation, including uneven surfaces and areas susceptible to damp. We use several types of material to level your floor and this is dependent on the circumstances.

Latex screed is used to even out any uneven surfaces on a concrete subfloor. A coat of latex screed normally ranges from 3mm thick to 10mm plus. Providing a strong and smooth floor ready for installation.

Plywood is used to even out any uneven subfloor consisting of timber wood planks. It can also be used to prevent dust rising from the wood planks. Plywood bridges the gaps in the wooden subfloor. Once we have installed the plywood, we then cover the joints of the plywood with a finishing screed. This assures that all joints are completely level and smooth, providing the ideal surface to install on.

Damp proofing we specialize in all types of damp proofing on both wood and concrete subfloors. We use recommended and trusted DPMs and are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the floor.

Sound proofing we offer bespoke sound proofing solutions, for more information please contacts us.

This gallery shows some preparation work and is intended to give just a small flavour of what is involved.

Floor Preparation Gallery

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Flooring By Kimpton supplies and lays floor preparation solutions to the regional locations of London, Bermondsey, Southwark, post codes SE1 & SE16, Kent, Longfield and Newbarn as well as many other locations throughout South East England.